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The first erasable and refillable pen to appear on desks 10 years ago.


Go back to the future of FRIXION


2007. FriXion Ball. The original!

The family elder - and a rebel. The first born with FriXion power. Good-bye crossed out lessons and illegible pages!


2009. FriXion Light. Enlightened!

With this one, you can even FriXion fluo! A bright idea! Start by highlighting. And if you highlight too quickly, just FriXion it – and the highlighting disappears!


2010. FriXion Point. Meticulous!

Nothing is ever too fine and precise for FriXion Point - plans, geometrical forms, very fine lines… Precision fans have now got a pen to change their plans and erase what’s outside the margins!


2011. FriXion Ball Clicker. Top of the class.

The FriXion for pragmatics. A simple click and it’s ready to fire! Errors happen quickly but FriXion Clicker repairs them even faster.


2013. FriXion Ball LX. The Dandy!

Truly top class, the most elegant in the family. Always chic and a trendsetter! So join the very select FriXion Dandy club today!


2014. FriXion Ball Clicker Tattoo. Tiny and tattooed!

The little twin of FriXion Clicker. The FriXion which gets under your skin very quickly. Its own tattoos are there forever – but the mistakes it erases disappear completely!

2014. FriXion Light Soft. Easy does it!

The Soft version of FriXion Light. For an easy life! Did you highlight something too quickly? Cool! Just FriXion and start over.


2016. FriXion Colors. Time to be creative!

The most recent FriXion – and the happiest! Life should be colourful and unbounded imagination! Colour or draw – just FriXion and begin again as often as you want - nothing is impossible!

2017 : FriXion Limited Editions

2017. Limited edition FriXion Ball for Boys – Video Games

Calling Earth! This is FriXion from space! A somewhat vintage geek, this new model will invade our planet. Mind and error blowing! I hope it lands in everyone’s pencil case.

2017. Limited edition FriXion Ball for Girls - Fashion

Attention all girls: This FriXion is just too stylish! It’s the original FriXion Ball model, relooked by and for girls! It makes FriXion high fashion!

2017. Limited edition FriXion Clicker for Boys - Rock'n'roll

The rock'n'roll FriXion! It blows errors away!
This FriXion has the Rock'n'roll Attitude: some have it, others don’t (and lose out!).

2017. Limited edition FriXion Clicker for Girls - Girly

A FriXion strictly for girls! It’s too good-looking! But boys just wouldn’t understand! ;-) Write, FriXion, repeat in assumed Girly mode.

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